What is the Best Kids Snorkel Set?


kids snorkel set reviewIf you are going snorkeling with kids, it’s important to ensure they have the right gear. You do not want to be the only one with good gear. The best kids snorkel gear is one that fits well, is comfortable and keeps children safe in the water.

There are various snorkel sets for children you can buy. However, you may struggle to find great sets. One of the mistakes you should avoid is buying your kids low-end gear. Some parents buy low-quality snorkel sets for their children because they are not sure whether they will love or enjoy the experience. Moreover, given that kids have a short attention span, they may not remember the experience for a long time.

When choosing snorkel gear for kids, safety should be on top of your priority. Poor gear can leak water around the mask into the snorkel. This can make your kid swallow water when breathing in, which can cause panic. You do not want to risk this with your child.

To help you out, we have reviewed the best kids snorkel gear sets below.

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How can you determine whether you are buying the best snorkel set for kids?

Well, the secret is to stick with gear from reputable brands. Just because you are buying gear for your child does not mean you should switch the brand. Stick to known brands such as Mares, Cressi, Promate, Aqualung and US Divers.

Before you read this snorkel gear sets for kids review, here are some notes:

  • Majority of the gear options below have also reviewed in-depth on our site. You can click the links at the end of the description of the gears to read the full reviews.
  • We DO NOT recommend buying a snorkel set with a kickboard. The only exception is if you want to familiarize your child with snorkeling in a pool. It’s not advisable to let your child get accustomed to a kickboard because the equipment is not very dependable in the ocean. In case of panic, they child may not hold onto it, which will make things even more difficult for them. A better alternative would be to buy a snorkeling vest (Amazon) as it is attached to the child.
  • When you want to purchase kids snorkel gear, go for open heel fins as they are easily adjustable for growing feet. If you buy closed-pocket fins, you may need to buy another pair the next time you go snorkeling as your kids’ feet may have grown. Buying open-heel fins will help you save money.

Best Kids Snorkel Gear Review

Comparison Table

#1. Promate Kids Snorkel Set with Vest

Promate Kids Snorkel Set with VestWhen you buy this kids’ set, you will have taken care of the biggest worry as it comes with a snorkel vest. The gear set includes a 100% submersible dry snorkel, comfortable open heel fins, and tempered, single lens mask. These items are packed in a mesh carry bag.

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#2. Cressi Kids Snorkel Set

cressi kids snorkeling gear

Cressi is one of the best snorkel brands in the market. The brand has multiple snorkeling gear in different colors. The Junior Snorkel Set has a dual-lens mask with quick release buckles, nicely-fitting fins, a dry top snorkel and a carry bag.

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#3. Mares Junior Snorkel Set

head by mares snorkelThis is a nice gear ensemble that comprises of a dry top snorkel, ultra-soft silicone, dual lens mask, and vented blades that are easy on the legs and provide great movement in water. The equipment are packed in a carry bag.

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#4. US Divers Junior Snorkel Set

us divers youth buzz snorkel gearThe US DIvers Snorkel Set comes in two colors: purple on pink and blue on neon yellow. The set features a dry snorkel, comfortable straps, dual lens mask, and sleek and powerful fins with an open pocket. However, it doesn’t comes with a carry bag.

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#5. Head by Mares “Pirate” Junior Snorkel Set”

head by mares junior snorkel gearThis mask is ultra-comfortable thanks to the soft silicone that’s around its skirt and straps. The gear set has a dry top snorkel, vented fins for less stress on the legs and knees, and a carry bag. The dry top snorkel has a well-fitting mouthpiece for smaller mouths.

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The above is our review of the best snorkel sets for kids.

You will come across other quality sets that are marketed towards the “child” or “junior” snorkelers. However, some brands also make cheap gear and hope to get away with it just because they are meant for kids. The above are the best snorkel sets for kids based on our experience.

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