Buying Criteria To Consider For Snorkel And Diving Equipments


As a beginner in diving, you need to possess four of the most important snorkel and diving equipment. These four are the snorkeling mask, the snorkel, the snorkeling fins and the snorkeling vest. You cannot just pick out the first thing you see in an online dive store. There are factors in choosing the right snorkel equipment to use for a newbie like you but believe me when I say steer clear from cheap equipment. Diving is a serious sport and if you use those inexpensive tools, you are endangering your life.

Snorkeling Mask

The snorkeling mask is your eye protector under the sea. It must be a combination of right fit and comfort for you, the user. What might be right for your friend might not be the thing for you. You have to try it on and see for yourself if it fits good.

To test if the mask is a good fit: Put the mask on your face without strapping it. Inhale and see if the mask creates a suction every time you breathe in. If it does, then, you have a good mask. If it does not, toss it and find a different one.

There are two types of materials used for masks and these are neoprene (black rubber) and silicone (translucent). For a beginner, neoprene is recommended. You must also ask about tempered glass lenses (to avoid shattering of glass into small pieces in your eyes), nose pockets, wide vision, low internal volume and adjustable straps. These characteristics make a good snorkeling mask and the one to buy.


The snorkel is your way to breathe underwater. To test: Place the mouthpiece inside your mouth. It must feel comfy inside your mouth and not irritating the gums. Blow onto the mouthpiece and if you can freely do it, then, the snorkel is good for you.

Other things to consider when choosing your snorkel is that it must be curvy. It just be J-shaped. Stay away from angled snorkels. It must be easy for you to breathe through your mouth too. If you try on a snorkel that obstructs you from breathing freely, toss it. Lastly, a good snorkel measures about 420 mm and no more than that

Snorkeling Fins

The fins are integral for a diving beginner like you. It gives you the freedom to move easily under the sea while swimming. You will be able to maneuver the sea with less effort and of course, you will be less tired.

Every year, better and more modern snorkeling fins are released in the market for use of the aficionados. That being said, there are three things to watch out for when buying your beginner flippers (another term for fins): fin ribs, fin vents and fin channels.

Fin ribs takes care of the thrust. Fin vents lessens water resistance while in movement. Fin channels guide the seawater smoothly.

Snorkeling Vest

The vest keeps you afloat while on the water. It is an integral piece in your snorkeling equipment list because it will act as your safety belt. It will also protect you from UV rays.

Do you have to wear one? Some do not see the need for it if they go really deep and this is true. But others believe that a vest is important if the diver is a beginner or if the diver is not a  very experienced swimmer.

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