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color correction scuba masks reviewScuba diving and snorkeling are not only fun to do, but also offer a wonderful relaxing experience. The experience of each activity is like flying, as you float through space with ease. The underwater scenery with its mystic beauty provides an unforgettable experience.

Why Use a Color Correction Snorkel/Dive Mask

When you scuba dive in certain areas and at certain depths, the blue tint of the water can be too much such that it will prevent you from seeing the wonderful undersea. To prevent your eyes from straining in the blue tint, you will need a flashlight and a color corrector mask. A tinted scuba diving color corrector mask can make large scale panoramic views quite pleasing. 

The filters on scuba diving masks increase contrast. Critters utilize contrast, sometimes to hide in plain sight. When wearing a tinted dive mask, you will essentially block the nuances in the gradation of light that allows you to perceive lurking critters. In effect, the filter will block your perception of mid-range lighting values.

Best Scuba Diving Color Corrector Masks

To enjoy the underwater adventure, you need a good diving set. Choosing a good snorkeling mask can be challenging, given the array of products in the market. Below are the best scuba diving corrector masks we recommend.

PROMATE Scuba Diving Mask (with Tinted Lenses)

PROMATE Scuba Dive Diving Mask Correction Mask review

The PROMATE Color Correction snorkeling mask gives a pleasurable experience in your snorkeling expeditions. The mask is excellent to wear when snorkeling in sunny weather. The seal is great and the tinted lenses make the light easier on the eyes.

The Promate Scuba diving mask with tinted lenses provide excellent downward vision. This diving mask has a nose pocket for easy one-hand equalizing and its double skirt edge has a comfortable seal. You can easily adjust or release the mask through the swivel buckle.

  • Comes in two underwater color correction lenses, i) Red (TrueColor) or ii) Yellow (SharpView) lenses
  • The lenses are mirror coated and therefore hide your eyes and reduces glare while diving
  • The mask is made from 100% UV protected tempered safety glass
  • Ideal for medium to large faces
  • The gear features a slim frame. You can easily carry it around during your scuba or snorkeling adventure.

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Scuba Max Spider Eye Color Lens Mask

scuba max eye color lens

ScubaMax’s Spider Eye Color features a double coated color lens that enhances underwater colors. The mask is made to protect you from UV rays and its rose pink color lens brings back red colors, which is something you will want if you usually dive in the ocean. If you usually dive in the lakes, you should get the yellow lens mask. Yellow lens makes sharper images and better contrast.

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Disadvantages of Color Correction Scuba Masks

Color correction dive masks can provide panoramic views of the underwater. However, they have some downsides you should be aware of. To begin, the filter on the mask reduces the amount of available light.

Filters are passive. For example, if you select a color corrector mask with a yellow filter, the filter “enhances” the yellow color by blocking other colors. Therefore, things look much more yellower and lighter. The filter does not work by increasing the yellow. Instead, it merely reduces the other colors.

Also, the filters work best only under certain conditions. If you are diving too shallow, you could get a yellow tinge to your world. There are actually two “standard” filters used on the mask. One of the filters is used for blue water and the other for green water.

Bottom Line

Since the masks make things darker, they would not be great for a night dive. Color correction dive masks do not show the real colors of life at all depths. Instead, you will see some areas to be extremely red-tinted. If you are scuba diving with a light and are wearing a red-filtered mask, everything the light shines on would look too red.

Moreover, when scuba diving, you naturally compensate for the lack of light to some extent. Your eyes become more sensitive to red light and less sensitive to blue light as you descend and your photo receptors begin to note the change in ambient spectrum. So, if you have a flashlight, you may not need a color correction scuba mask. Moreover, flashlights are good for searching in crevices.

On the flipside, if you want to enjoy the panoramic views of the undersea without the limitations of the small beams produced by a flashlight, you should get one of the above color corrector masks.

Red lenses masks bring up lost red color at depth and are great for warm water diving. On the other hand, yellow lenses help to increase light and provide better separation of colors especially in areas with low visibility.

The color correction is noticeable. The brightness in the water is higher and lower outside of the water, which is very cool. The two masks above are also comfortable. However, they fog very quickly.

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