Cressi Frog Plus Fins Review


The Cressi Frog Plus pins feature a blade mounted on top of the foot-pocket. The blades create a channeling effect that makes the fins powerful and efficient. Read our Cressi Frog Plus Fins review for all the details you should know. 

Spear fishing requires you to be skillful, experienced, fit and capable of great breath control. If you want to go spearfishing or any underwater adventure, get the Cressi Frog Plus Fins and your favorite dive mask.

Cressi Frog


In this review, we’ll go through everything you should know about Cressi Frog Plus fins.

Before we begin this Cressi Frog Plus Fins review, watch the video below:

Cressi Frog Plus Fins Review


  • Its design is appropriate for a beginner or for the occasional scuba diver
  • The Frog Plus fins makes the diving experience easier for a beginner without any training.
  • Ensures excellent visibility range in all directions because of the minimum eye lens distance.
  • The high quality blade allows for easy kicks with minimum muscular effort.
  • Fits well and is comfortable under water.

Cressi has been in business for more than six decades, providing quality underwater products. Their two-window silicone mask is perhaps one of the best snorkeling masks on the market. Apart from masks, the company also manufacture fins.

One of the fins they have is the Cressi Frog Plus Fins.

The Frog Plus Fins helps a novice experience underwater adventure, even without specific training. The fins feature excellent quality blades, which help to  produce an undemanding fluid kick with less muscular strains. Keeping the tradition of the company, the dive gear never fails to help you when you are in tricky situations beyond your control.

Cressi Frog Plus Features

Comfortable Foot-Pocket

The Cressi Frog’s foot-pocket is made from soft rubber. The rubber extends along the line of the blade to keep the blade in shape and improve stability. There are a couple of holes at the toe end of each foot pocket. The holes allow water to be drained when you are taking off the fins.

The fins also feature a non-slip material on the underside of the foot-pocket for stability when you are standing up.

Channel Blade System

The fins are made of harder techno polymer and softer silicone-based material. The combination of these two materials allows the blade to curve into a “U” Shape while you are kicking. The result is a channel that concentrates the water flowing down the blade to create a “jet”. The jet moves you forward more efficiently, ensuring you don’t get tired first when under water.

Optimum Blade Positioning

With most traditional paddle fins, the blade usually begins in the middle of the foot pocket. However, with the Cressi Frog fins, the blade start from the top of the foot pocket. As a result, the usable blade of the fins is longer by 20%, which helps to improve efficiency and generate more power.


The Cressi Frog Plus fins are made from a combination of three almost indestructible materials. Therefore, the fins are very durable. The blade can be folded onto itself without breaking or cracking.

With proper care and maintenance, you will be using the Cressi Frog fins for many years to come.

What We Like

The Cressi Frog Plus fins are lightweight. Therefore, they are easier to pack and travel with than traditional full-size fins. With these fins, the blade starts at the top of the foot pocket instead of halfway like other fins. As a result, they are a little bit shorter.

The find are also efficient and will be perfect for any type of kicking style. This makes them our No.1 choice for any recreational dive activities. However, if you prefer more stiffer fins, the Cressi Frog Plus won’t do for you. Instead, you should check out the Hollis F1 LT or Scuba Pro Jet fins.

The Cressi Frog fins are durable and affordable. These fins typically last for multiple years.

What We Don’t Like

The Cressi Frog fins feature conventional rubber straps and quick release buckles. However, they lack the  Cressi Bungee Straps, which are helpful in ensuring the rubber fin strap brakes properly and the feet fit snugly in place, sending more power to the blades.

Should You Buy these Scuba Fins?

The Cressi Frog-Plus fins are excellent for all-around recreational diving and pretty much any finning style. Therefore, they are great for both amateur and experienced divers that prefer lightweight fins.

The fins are also lightweight and this makes them great travel fins.

Customer ratings on Amazon prove that this dive gear is a great choice if you want to experience the fun of scuba diving for the first time.


The Cressi Frog Plus fins’ blades are mounted on top of the foot pocket and create a channeling effect that makes them very powerful. The fins are also efficient and do not strain the legs.

The fins are great for frog kicking and can be worn when going snorkeling. However, you cannot use the fins barefoot since your feet will be too loose in the foot pocket.  When going snorkeling, you will have to wear the fins with either Neoprene socks or dive boot.

For the price, you cannot find a better pair of fins.



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