Oceanic V-Flex Snorkeling Fins Review


Whether you are new to the experience of snorkeling, or have a long history with the activity, it can be an eye-opening experience every time you go into the ocean. Underneath the waves is another world which are not seen by many human eyes. No matter how often one enters the ocean, he or she will find new amazing experiences. Nevertheless, any great snorkeling or free-diving experience can be rendered uninspiring with faulty or subpar equipment. That is why the importance of snorkeling equipment is so key to every under-water hobbyists experience. With that in mind, each and every individual should examine the Oceanic V-Flex Fins Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Set.

The snorkeling-gear package in discussion here comprises of Oceanic V-Flex Fins, Promate Sea Viewer Mask and Promate Whistle Dry Snorkel, along with an Oceanic Mesh Bag. In order to get a clear idea about the different gears that you require for snorkeling one should know each aspect of the equipment itself.

Snorkeling Fins

Your aid in moving under water is the snorkeling fins or flippers. They provide maximum speed and maneuverability with minimum kicking in the water. There are a variety of snorkeling fins like full foot fins, open foot fins, split fins, paddle fins, strap fins, etc. There are fins which can be worn with boots or barefooted. For most open-heel fins the adjustable straps hold them in place. The fin straps are mostly padded on the heels and some snorkeling fins offer an ankle leash. It is vital for you to choose a snorkeling fin that is not too tight or too loose but fits you comfortably. They should be easy to wear and take off and offer a secured fit.

The Oceanic V-Flex Snorkeling Fins requires no boots and is to be worn barefooted for warm water snorkeling. Its foot pockets are soft and comfortable on bare foot. The Oceanic V-Flex Fins feature a pre-bent design that assures a natural kick below and above water. Its sturdy side rails can channel the water towards the center for consistent control while kicking. Its easy-to-adjust strap help in quick release for easy doffing. The strap style fins can accommodate or fit in a wide range of foot sizes. Its available sizes are: XS/MD – Men’s 6-9 & Ladies 7-9.5 or MD/XL – Men’s 9-11 & Ladies 9.5-12.

Snorkeling Masks

The window to the underwater world is the snorkeling mask. It is an important diving device that allows the diver to see clearly. It was extremely important for me to choose a mask that does not fog and blur the vision especially when oneis enjoying a panoramic view and taking in the underwater world. A snorkeling mask is usually made of tempered glass lenses and high quality hypoallergenic silicone skirt and strap. There is a variety of snorkeling masks to choose from like optical lenses, purge valves, ones with side-windows, etc. A good quality mask can withstand underwater pressure and is not brittle.

My Promate Sea Viewer Mask (Rx-Able) that comes with the package is ideal for medium faces like mine. It has a double-edge comfort seal, swivel, and adjustable buckles for a comfortable fit. It is low in volume and offers a broad peripheral view, again ideal for a passionate photographer like me. Like most good quality masks, the Promate Sea Viewer is made of crystal, silicon injected skirt and strap and tempered glasses. Its optical lenses, both near and far-sighted, are available.


An important piece of snorkeling gear, besides the mask and the fins is the snorkel. This piece of safety gear is a snorkeling ventilator that allows you to breathe underwater. While your face is submerged under water, you can still breathe from the surface with the help of a snorkel. There are a variety of snorkels for you to choose from like the basic one. There isthe semi-dry or totally dry types. There are also snorkles with a silicon mouthpiece or a PVC mouthpiece. You can choose between a replaceable mouthpiece or a non-replaceable one.Andthere are even snorkles with a purge valve or without a purge valve. A snorkel mouthpiece must be comfortable with soft flexible edges for easy breathing. It is important to choose a snorkel that is technologically advanced and can prevent water from entering it.

To experience unobstructed breathing the package provides a Promate Cobra 100% Dry Whistle Snorkel. It offers a unique patented upper valve that can prevent water from entering the snorkel. That is due to its patented hinged seal can react underwater and seal it. On the other hand, when you have surfaced from water, this seal opens up allowing fresh air to enter again. This feature makes the snorkel 100% dry. Its silicone purge valve can help in easy-draining and pre-curved silicone mouthpiece can prevent jaw fatigue. The lower section of the snorkel is made of pre-curved corrugated silicone for flexibility and its especially designed cover guards can prevent water-splashing. Its built-in whistle is an added advantage under water.

Snorkel Bags

The snorkel bag is one of the most neglected accessories of snorkel gear. It helps you to keep all the important snorkel gears together and carry them safely to the beach or pool. This accessory is essential to store your snorkel gear in between adventures and outings.

If you tend to get forgetful with your belongings, you can keep your gear inside the Oceanic Mesh Bag (with dimensions 33inches by 14inches) that comes with the package. This snorkel bag is made of heavy-duty dipped mesh that is ideal to carry medium-sized fins, mask, snorkel and towel.

How Much Should You Pay For the Snorkeling Gear Package?

The Oceanic V-Flex Fins Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Set costs $199.99 anywhere you shop for. However, you can avail of a 41% discount online at Amazon.com, which is quite a reasonable bargain. At Amazon, the product will cost you $69.95 which a great price when most snorkeling gears cost around $75 to $80.

What Others Are Saying About The Product?

The Oceanic V-Flex Fins Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Set has received rave reviews from a wide customer base online. At Amazon, it has been reviewed by 14 users so far out of which nine of them have bestowed a 5 or 4-star rating to it for its high quality and utility. The average star rating of the product is 3.9-of-5.

Most of the reviewers have found the fins impressively powerful, comfortable and snug. The mask was comfortable, too and did not leak. A customer also appreciated the net bag that comes with the set, which was easy to rinse and hang for drying. Most reviewers have highly recommended the product for snorkeling and added comments like:

Are There Any Complaints?

One reviewer found the fins a little stiff, while a few online reviewers suggested that the gear is suitable for only amateur snorkeling and not serious diving. The Oceanic V-Flex Fins Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Set is surely a snorkeling gear, but can be used for scuba diving, too, as suggested by some users themselves.

Where Can You Read Real Reviews About The Product?

If you want to read first-hand reviews of the product, it is best to visit Amazon and take your decision by reading customers who are actually using the product.

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