Promate Dive Mask Review

Promate Dive Mask

If you have grown up in a coastal location, then perhaps underwater diving is a steadfast tradition. For such families, it is always important to have a quality snorkeling gear set. Feel the difference with the Snorkeling Scuba Dive DRY Snorkel Mask w/ COLOR CORRECTION Lenses Gear Set. Even if you are new to the experience, this kit can help you enjoy a top-notch experience underwater. You will find that this set is giving you far better experience than what your prior sets used to give. The following features will give you an idea of what you can expect out of this device.

A Noteworthy Mask Design

The mask of this snorkel gear set is incorporated with color corrective lenses. These lenses are available in two colors- the red color is great for warm water diving as it brings up the red color which gets lost at depth and the yellow which augments light. It also contrasts light well and provides better separation that is beneficial in cases of low visibility. The lenses are mirror coated which minimizes glare while diving by providing a cover to your eyes. These tempered safety glass lenses which are 100% UV protected comes in a slim frame which eradicates any bulky look. With ultra-low volume, you can have access to excellent downward vision. Its quick release swivel buckle permits its easy removal and inclinations in various angles. Simply using one hand you can equalize the nose pocket.

The Snorkel

The 100% dry snorkel has a unique and patented upper valve that restricts water from entering the snorkel. However, this snorkel will render unhindered breathing as it allows air to enter the snorkel easily. The covers are especially designedto protect the snorkel from any splashing of the water. The patented hinged seal shut the snorkel as it goes under the water. That way, watert water cannot enter. When it comes to the surface, this device swings open to allow the entering of air. The whistle housing is in-built and the snorkel keeper can be easily accessed.

Top Features:-

  • The mask is ideal to suit medium to large faces with the face seal size reading of W4 3/4 * H3 ½.
  • The skirt and the strap of the mask are injected with liquid, crystal silicon and the double skirt edge provides the comfort seal.
  • The uneven lower section of the snorkel is made up of the flexible silicon.
  • To give you relief from jaw fatigue, the snorkel has a pre-curved silicone mouthpiece.
  • For simple draining of the snorkel there is silicon purge valve.

Consumer’s Opinion

The Snorkeling Scuba Dive DRY Snorkel Mask w/ COLOR CORRECTION Lenses Gear Set is not only making promises but also keeping them. Thus although it has been reviewed by only one consumer at the time of writing, the product has achieved full 5 stars at Amazon. If the performance remains the same, then in no time this product will be a consumer’s favorite. You can be one of those happy buyers. Just visit for the price and shipping details of this product.

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