Promate Dry Snorkel Reviews


Many of us love the idea of exploring new worlds. Diving gives all of us a great opportunity to indulge that adventurous side. However, in order to enjoy those precious moments under the water, you will be required to have good snorkeling gear kit. Because anything less than the perfect can lead you to danger, it is important to make sure you have the right equipment. What can be more ideal than the Promate Snorkeling Scuba Dive Dry Snorkel Purge Mask Fins Gear Set? Read on the features to find out what you can expect from this product.

Snorkeling Gear Reviews: Fins and Mask worth Mentioning

The high quality, open heeled design imparts a stylish look to these fins, which are lightweight and highly portable as well. The foot pocket is made up of soft rubber so that it comfortably fits into both barefoot or socks. The strap are equipped with a release button can be easily adjusted. With patented purge design the mask fits easily onto any average-sized face. Your peripheries will not be obstructed by bubbles because of the innovative channeled skirt design. The skirt and the strap are imbued with crystal and fluid silicon. With low volume, the mask is equipped with swivel and adjustable buckles. Another feature of this mask is the double edge seal which provides great comfort.

Snorkeling Gear Reviews: And Now the Snorkel

The snorkel has a 100% dry design. First, the upper valve keeps the water from entering the snorkel. Second, it allows air to enter for unhindered respiration. There are guards to protect the snorkel from splashes of water that can occur during swimming. The patented hinged seal reacts under the water to close the snorkel so that water does enter during accidental submersion. And when it reaches the surface, the hinged seal opens to let the air in. With built-in whistle housing, there is also a “snorkel keeper”,which can be easily slipped on. The lower section of the snorkel is equipped with uneven and flexible silicon. 

Snorkeling Gear Reviews: Top Features

  • The fins come in various sizes; for men it is S/M (5-8.5), ML/XL (9-13) and for women it is S/M (6-9.5), ML/XL (10-14).
  • The face seal size of the mask is W4 3/4 * H3 3/8.
  • To prevent jaw fatigue, the snorkel is equipped with pre-curved silicon mouthpiece.
  • Draining is made easy with the presence of the silicone purge valve.
  • It comes in varied colors like black, black with red, blue, green, pink, purple with white, yellow, etc.

Snorkeling Gear Reviews: Consumer’s Opinion

The Promate Snorkeling Scuba Dive Dry Snorkel Purge Mask Fins Gear Set is a great companion for scuba diving. This is the reason that despite a few complaints regarding the mask, which can become foggy, it has gathered a respectable 3.8-of-5 at Amazon. If with these features you are able to visualize the snorkeling gear kit that you were looking for, then visit for its price and shipping details.

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