Promate Frameless Mask Review


Snorkeling provides one with the opportunity of confronting the vast depth of the majestic ocean scape. In this place lie numerous unknown creatures, exotic plants and many more exciting and sensational objects. To enjoy this mysterious world to the hilt, your diving kit should also be top notch. A promise of 4his top notch performance is rendered by the PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Frameless Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Gear bag Set. Explore and unravel the beautiful and mysterious depths with this product.

First off, the mask of this snorkeling kit steals the show. The size of the mask is ideal for average faces, and gives a wide 170 degree of view. Coming in tempered glass, this mask is incorporated with sparkling, fluid silicon injected skirt. Quick Release Swivel Buckle is incorporated for quick removal of the strap at various angles. The two edges of the mask are made complete with comfort seal. It is super light and particularly low in volume. It is equipped with anti-fog & Lens Cleaner for masks up to 1.25 ounce. They defog to the maximum level and the in-field application is fast and easy.
Promate Snorkel Review: Other Highlights

The fin is also of very high quality design. It has been bettered with a drag reducing jet-vented design. These are lightweight, yet its high quality construction makes it durable. With open heel design come the easy-to-adjust strap plus release buttons. Because the foot pocket is made of soft rubber, it fits comfortably with both bare&oot and if you’re wearing socks. It also has a novel, 100% dry designed snorkel. Special housing has been made for the built-in whistle and the snorkel keepers are so made that they can be easily slipped in and out of. The flexible silicon is pre curved and has an uneven lower section. Jaw fatigue is reduced by the pre curved silicon mouthpiece. Water can be easily drained out of this snorkel with the silicon purge valve.

Promate Snorkel Review: Top Features

  • The fins are available in two sizes; Women’s Size comes in S/M (6-9) and ML/XL (10-14) and Men’s Size comes in S/M (5-8) and ML/XL (9-13).
  • The backpack of the kit has a dimension of 28″(H) * 9.5

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