Promate Junior Snorkel Set Review


It is important to know what you should have possessed when you obtain proper snorkeling equipment. This is especially true when you are purchasing for a young person. Even if he or she is quickly becoming a veteran of snorkeling or free-diving, you can still utilize basic snorkeling equipment if the product is of high enough quality. Snorkeling is a great way to both enchant the sense while relaxing the mind. It gives younger persons a great window into a whole new world. There is nothing else in the world like it, as you enter a new space of viewable delights when in the water. However, if you are equipped with the wrong types of snorkeling equipment, the experience can be a laborious and frustrating one. Furthermore, it is important that children are not stuck in dangerous position while in open water. You need to equip your young ones with all the proper equipment to render their (and your) experience an enjoyable one.

This is not simply a sales ploy, as when you are in the open ocean, safety also plays a key. The simple fact is that proper equipment cannot be found in a dollar-bin store. You must keep in mind what important factors go into a quality piece of equipment. Before we talk about the specific factors, here are some concepts you should keep in mind.

  • The snorkeling mask that comes with your chosen gear should have a good seal and comfy skirting that closely fit against your face.
  • Try to go for a silicone mask, as they are sturdier and more comfortable to wear.
  • The mask should have an adaptable strap which can be well locked in place.
  • It is important to go for masks with tempered glass lenses.
  • “Having a simple, but extremely durable dry snorkel is necessary as it particularly helps to decrease water flowing into the opening and into the users’ mouth.”
  • “A dry snorkel with silicone purge valve allows for effortless draining.”
  • “The fins of the snorkel-gear should preferably have Soft rubber foot pockets. They allow for a better fit and more efficient fin stroke.”
  • “The fins should never be too tight to the point where your son’s foot is squelched laterally.”

All of these concepts must be thought over when buying snorkeling gear. When ticked, they not only provide a more enjoyable experience, but also a safer one. With that in mind, any snorkeler should review the Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask DRY Snorkel Fins Set for kids. This gear is capable of reading all of the needed ticks on your list. It is made of high-quality material and is certain to give you an experience that you can enjoy.

Promate Junior Snorkel Set Review 2

What I Noticed About the Masks

Surely enough, the snorkeling mask is the window to the sub-aquatic world. The mask has a silicone strap, which is a breeze to adjust. One will also noticed that it has an extra cushioned soft frame whichgives it a very snug texture. The buckle comes with two buttons, which makes it just a snap to operate. As all quality snorkel gear masks should have, even this unit came with the extra safe tampered glass lenses. It also possesses an extra low-volume single lens design. Such lenses offer for a better visibility underwater. Scientifically speaking, a low profile mask enables effortless equalizing owing to the smaller volume of trapped air. The skirt design is also a feature of this kit, which allows bubbles to be whisked away to the sides of the goggles, rather than moving up to the front of the face.

Coming To The Dry Snorkel

A fully dry snorkel is a good snorkel. Anything less can cause discomfort. As you may know, a good snorkel should have an efficient system to expel water that inevitably gets into the tube. And also,you will have to make sure that the snorkel fits comfortably in the mouth. The mouthpiece comes with a silicone purge that allows for a hassle free draining. This keeps the mouthpiece really dry. I also noticed that with its ergonomic contoured barrel design, it is meant to fits very comfortable for the kiddos who use it. The incorporated snorkel keeper is devised to keep the mask in place.

Let Us Talk About The Fins

One is sure to find the fins very stylish to look at, as well as very durable. With its jet vented and “open heel design”, which has been adopted by most of the quality snorkel-gear makers, the fins do dramatically minimize unnecessary drags underwater. This will certainly help even the most novice snorkeler find easy propultion through the waters. They are also truly lightweight, which lends its appeal to even veteran free-divers. There is another interesting thing about the fins. They have rubber foot pockets which are really very soft to touch. This is why the units will provide a very comfortable fit to your children. No matter they wear it with socks, or go barefoot. Even the fins come with adjustable straps with very convenient quick release buttons.

Is Your Child Big Enough To Use This Gear?

The snorkel-gear set comes in different sizes to fit children of 3 to 10 years to age. What is more, it is also available in three attractive colors.

What Do You Need To Pay For It?

The set comes for about $54.95, and you will surely get what you are paying for. However, it also it also comes available for lower prices in selected options. Good news is that it is also available at a discounted rate with different dealers who stock it.

What Is Not So Good About It?

Though there are only a few negative reviews on this near-perfect kit, one of the parents felt that the angle of the snorkel tube is a bit different from the conventional ones and thus, lining it up can be a little tricky. So some of the users have opined that the gears have not given a perfect fit to their children, which can happen with nearly any type of snorkeling gear, regardless of it’s overall quality.

Where Can You Have More Information On It?

Should you like to buy this unit for a good price, you can order your unit from website (as Julie did). It is the same website where you can read some more unbiased consumers’ reviews. As a matter of fact, you can also have all the information on the different sizes of the unit that the makers offer.

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