Promate Matrix Color Correction Mask


Scuba diving and snorkeling is not only fun to do, but can also be a wonderfully relaxing experience. It can be described as akin to flying, as you float through space with ease. The underwater scenery with its mystic beauty helps you to escape the hurdles you encounter every day in your life. But if you really want to enjoy the underwater adventure you require a good diving set that will be dependable and of great utility while you go diving. Choosing a good snorkeling mask can be very difficult from the array of products in the market. However, PROMATE Snorkeling Matrix Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Mesh Bag Set is one such perfect product that gives a pleasurable experience in your snorkeling expeditions.

Provides you Mental peace and Releases of Your Stress.

This distinct product is designed in such a manner that the snorkel is 100% dry, even when you are completely submerge. The patented upper-valve prevents splashing water from entering the snorkel and thereby allowing air to easily enterthe snorkel for an unobstructed breathing. It is also featured with a uniquely designed cover guards that forbids water seeping into the mask. The 100% dry snorkel also consists of a built in whistle, housing and a quick slip-in snorkel keeper. A pre-curved flexible silicone corrugated low section and a mouthpiece prevents divers from getting jaw fatigued. Therefore, if you have previously experienced such an incident, this product will indeed give the highest level of comfort and ease.

Amazingly comfortable equipment.

It features a stylish and elegant look. This is a long lasting product with world-class quality. The fins are equipped with open heel design and a soft rubber foot pocket. These help the product fit comfortably while either barefoot or with socks. With the release of a button, you can also easily adjust the straps of the fins as well. It is extremely lightweight and comes in varying sizes both for men and women. Thus, you can enjoy your underwater activities for a longer duration with the maximum comfort. The mask consists of a slim frame, ruling out the bulky and clumsy look that scuba masks normally portrait. It provides an amazing downward vision with ultra-low volume.  You can also remove the straps and inclinations easily because of the Quick Release Swivel Buckle.

Top features:-

  • Silicone purge valve provides and easy draining of the snorkels.
  • The mask is made in Thailand that also features tempered glasses.
  • The easy-access nose pocket ensures one-hand equalizing.
  • Features double skirt edge comfort seal along with crystal, liquid silicone injected skirt and strap.
  • The hinged seal prevents water from entering the snorkel, thus keeping it 100% dry.
  • The fin size of men varies from 5-8.5 in the medium and small sections while 9-13 in the large and XL sections. The women’s shoe size varies from 6-9.5 in the small and medium sections and 10-14 in the large and XL sections.
  • It comes with Nylon Mesh Bag with Cord Drawstring.
  • It is lightweight and hence easy to travel.

Customers’ reviews:

With a high 4-star rating, PROMATE Snorkeling Matrix Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Mesh Bag Set is fast gaining popularity among the people. You can carry this lightweight product while you are on a vacation with your family or friends. Even if you are going to experience the fun of scuba diving for the first time, this product will make your experience memorable and safe. Grab the product at the best price from before it goes out of stock.

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