Promate Scuba Fins Review


Scuba diving and snorkeling is a great pastime for almost anyone of any age. As long as you love the water and have an discoverers streak in your personality, you will love the experience..While snorkeling, you can swim along with the colorful sea creatures, watch the beautiful coral formation or simply enjoy the serene atmosphere down the water. As you dive deeper, air within your body gets compressed by the surrounding water pressure and thereby your breathing becomes affected. Thus, you must have the right equipment for the job PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Fins Mask Snorkel Set w/ Mesh Bag ensures you to enjoy a safe, comfortable and prolonged period of diving.

Snorkel Gear Reviews: Extremely comfortable and easy to handle.

The product appears in a slim frame with an elegant and stylish design.  It is high quality product with long lasting guarantee. It ideally suits average and above-average faces. The slim frame eliminates the bulky and clumsy look that of other scuba dive fins masks. It features an open-heel design and a soft rubber foot pocket. This provides a comfortable fit either barefoot or with socks. You can also easily adjust the straps with the release button. Due to its extra wide and long lenses, it provides you with a better and wider peripheral view and downward vision.

Snorkel Gear Reviews: Gives you the fun of diving under water.

The snorkel is designed in a distinctive manner that keeps it 100% dry, even when you immerse under water. The patented upper valve prevents water from getting into the snorkel. Thus, it easily allows air to pass through the snorkel for a clear, hassle free breathing. There is also a special designed cover guard that prevents the splashing of water into the snorkel. It also prevents your jaw from getting fatigued due to the pre curved silicone mouthpiece. Additionally, it features a quick slip in the snorkel keeper and silicon purge valve for easy draining.

Snorkel Gear Reviews: Top features

  • The fins have a drag reducing jet ventilated design.
  • The fin sizes of men and women are different. The men’s shoe size varies from 5-8 in the small and medium section and from 9-13 in the medium large and extra large section. The women’s shoe size varies from 6-9 in the small and medium section where as in the medium large and extra large section it varies from 10-14.
  • Comes with double skirt edge comfort seal and crystal liquid silicone injected skirt and strap.
  • Ensures one hand equalizing with the easy access nose pocket.
  • The quick release swivel buckles`on skirt provides a compact storage.
  • Featured with in built whistle housing and tempered glasses.
  • Comes with a nylon mesh bag with a cord draw string.

Snorkel Gear Reviews: Customers’ reviews

PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Fins Mask Snorkel Set w/ Mesh Bag is ruling the popularity chart at with a perfect 5-star rating. The customers have found the product to be extremely helpful due to its unique design that makes it lightweight and easy to handle. It is easily portable and thereby you can carry it while holidaying on a beach. Visit Amazon for more details. Amazon offers the safest online transaction in the world.

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