Promate Snorkeling Gear Reviews


Snorkeling and scuba diving is loved the world over. It is great for family outings as well as fun romantic adventures. However, the fun of observing the underwater life may end in a fiasco if you and loved ones do not have the right snorkel gear. Though you want great gear, you should not have to spend too much money on it. You can always have the very economical and very functional  PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Panoramic PURGE Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Gear Set to cater your needs.

Snorkel Equipment Review: Let’s Get Into Details

No snorkeling set can be considered quality equipment if it does not incorporate a quality purge mask. Accordingly, the included mask of this particular kit boasts having such a mask. And with a  patented single lens, with Edgeless technology on sides, you will be sure to be satisfied with it.

The lens provides you with a wide angle of viewing.  The mask is capable of fitting all average and large-sized adult heads. What is more, to keep oxygen bubbles away from your range of view, the mask has also been given a channeled skirt design. A design thatis patented also by the company. The skirt and strap of the mask is injected with crystal clear, liquid silicon. It is also incorporated with adjustable swivel buckles so that you can remove the strap with the least hassle. Again, the ultra-light mask is exceptionally low in weight.

Snorkel Equipment Review: More Impressive Attributes

The stylish, high quality fins are extremely light in weight. This makes it easy to travel with them. Thanks to its open heel design, as well as soft rubber foot pocket, you can wear them comfortably either with your socks on, or barefooted. They also come with easy to adjust straps with release buttons. One of the best features of the kit is the dry snorkel. It features a quick to slip in snorkel keeper. The dry snorkel comes with an easy purge valve that helps to keep water out.  Also, a silicone purge valve allows draining away water that gets into the tube accidentally. What is more, the pre-curved silicone mouthpiece is especially helpful to prevent the fatigue of jaw, even when you are using it for extended periods of time.

Snorkel Equipment Review: Features

  • The set consists of Promate Avanti TL Tri-view Edgeless Purge Scuba Dive Mask/MK398, Promate Wave Snorkeling Fins/FN400, Promate Cobra 100% Dry Whistle Snorkel/SK680 and Promate Nylon Mesh Bag with Cord Drawstring.
  • The mask has an exclusive single lens with Edgeless technology on sides.
  • Owing to the patented purge design, the product is perfect for medium to large faces.
  • The mask also has patented channeled skirt design, as well as double skirt edge comfort seal.
  • Swivel and adjustable buckles.
  • Tempered glasses.
  • High quality, stylish, lightweight fins.
  • Open heel design; soft rubber foot pocket.
  • The flippers help to push through the water with ease.
  • Easy to adjust strap with release buttons.
  • The dry snorkel has a quick slip-in snorkel keeper.
  • Easy purge valve; pre – curved silicone mouthpiece, silicone purge.
  • Available in`different sizes for men and women.
  • Available in six attractive colors.

Snorkel Equipment Review: Customers’ Opinion

Most of the users of the PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Panoramic PURGE Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Gear Set agree that it is a good product for its price. Some of the users are of the opinion that the incorporated fins are too small for proper deep-sea propulsion. In fact, they have felt that the set is more ideal for snorkeling rather than scuba diving. The product, up to this date, has been given an overall high rating at If you want to have this merchandise at a discounted rate, then do visit the Amazon website.

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