US Divers Admiral LX Snorkel Set Review


us divers admiral lx reviewScuba diving and snorkeling are among the most thrilling and popular undersea activities that draw the interests of many people around the world. These adventures fun to engage in.

However, for the diving to be a more comfortable and safe experience, you cannot do without a quality snorkel set.

There are various snorkel gear brands in the market. If you are looking for a top notch unit, continue reading this US Divers Admiral LX snorkel set review.

us divers admiral lx set

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Best Snorkel Mask for Beginners

Whether you are new to snorkeling or a frequent participant, the US Divers Snorkel kit has everything you need. The kit comes with a comfortable and snugly-fitting mask that is made of good quality plastic. The mask does not allow a single drop of water to get into it. The two-window mask is equipped with hypoallergenic silicone face skirt. Therefore, if are sensitive towards the materials that are generally used to make the commercial quality masks, the US Divers would be better option.

The US Divers snorkel has an enlarged top-to-bottom view. Its exclusive three-way buckle system makes it easy to fasten and unfasten. The snorkel features a unique Pivot Dry Technology that makes it safe to wear when submerged. Its ergonomically design ensures it fits well and remains comfortable, even after being used for many long outings.

The snorkel mouthpiece is made of hypoallergenic silicone, just like the snorkel mask.

Features of the US Divers Admiral Snorkel

  • The two-window mask is made of hypoallergenic silicone face skirt and allows an expanded top to bottom viewing
  • Uses Pivot Dry Technology which means the snorkel can be fully submerged
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece, full flex section with purge valve that make it comfortable to wear
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • It is backed by two years conditional manufacturer’s warranty
  • The Pinch and pull Pro-Glide buckles make it easy to adjust the snorkel 

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What You Should Know

The US Divers Admiral LX snorkel is a great entry level mask. However, it does not perform well for scuba diving. If you will be scuba diving with it, the nose cavity leaks and does not create a good seal. You will have to surface regularly to empty out water in your mask while snorkeling.

Also, the face may be a bit narrow for some. This is a cheap snorkel gear and hence its limitations are understandable. If you have some extra cash, you would be better off getting a more expensive mask that offers a wider filed of vision.

If you have vision problems, you cannot get the US Divers Admiral LX with prescription glass. Instead, you would need one of these prescription snorkel masks.

Finally, the snorkel’s clip is poorly made and is likely to break after a couple of uses. You can however use hair ties to replace the clip to avoid ruining your snorkel trip.

us divers admiral lx review

Caring for Your Snorkel Mask

It is important to take good care of your snorkel mask, especially when storing. Rinse the mask properly and then spray it with silicon spray. Finally, store the snorkel inside a bag before putting it away in a cupboard. 

US Divers Admiral LX Review: Bottom Line

The US Divers Admiral LX Island Dry Snorkel Set is popular with most beginner snorkelers. On Amazon, the snorkel has received many positive reviews. There are also a few concerns from customers, especially with regards to sizes. Some people feel the size range of the unit could have been more extensive.

Nevertheless, the US Divers Admiral LX set is arguably the best snorkel mask for beginners. Its cheap price does not mean poor quality. I recommend the snorkel mask for anyone going underwater for the first time.

I hope you have enjoyed this US Divers Admiral snorkel set review. If you have any comments, ask them below.

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