Why Cheap Diving Equipment Are A Waste Of Money


Are you one of those people who feels that expensive diving equipment is not necessary? There are hundreds of online stores which promote cheap masks, flippers and suits, among others. These are within the $10-$20 price range and some beginners are so happy about its affordability that they forget if it can be effective under the sea.

This article is not in any way a review to tamper on cheap equipment. But its only purpose is to educate beginners on what they have to purchase for their diving adventure. Blurry masks and leaking snorkels are just two of the effects of budget equipment. The sea is not tolerable to inexpensive diving tools. This can pose a danger to your life.

Dive Mask

This is a very crucial piece of equipment for diving. It used to be a simple model with a plastic pane across the face. This mask design was easy to flood and left the nose unprotected. Until now, designs like these are sold in the market at a really cheap rate. Most beginners feel that this is a good deal because of the price.

But quite frankly, if the mask is blurring your vision under water, it is NEVERĀ  a good deal. You are risking your life if you buy a dive mask which accumulates water. You cannot see well while swimming under the sea and you might end up inhaling water which can drown you. Now, do you see why a cheap dive mask is very risky to use?

Dive Flippers

Experienced divers always tell beginners that it is a must to use flippers when diving. Some of those who do not know the security measures when diving under water will say that there is no need to buy flippers or use the expensive ones. They will say that flippers are an added expense. But they are wrong.

Diving flippers, if worn properly and are a right fit for the user, will improve your movement. It will be your guide through tight spaces and it is one of the tools for balancing under water. If you move with so much effort because you cannot navigate properly (cheap flippers are difficult to navigate), your air tank is easily used up. It lessens your diving time and you have to cut your trip short. Cheap flippers can also hurt your feet. Too much paddling can stress your leg muscles and cause pain. Instead of feeling serene and calm while diving, you get agitated and annoyed. That is not a good diving experience, right?

Dive Suits

The ocean is super cold. If you buy those so-called diving suits from discount stores, in the end, you are just fooling yourself. The cold will envelope your body and make you sick afterwards.

Now, you have to invest in a good suit. This is imperative. If you are diving below ten degrees celsius, you need a dry suit. If you are diving above ten degrees celsius, you have to use a wet suit. Do not use a cheap suit unless you want to get hypothermia.

Cheap equipments means you do not value your life. But if you do, buy pricey and effective diving equipment. It will keep you warm under water and give you the best diving experience. Diving is not a cheap hobby. It is a costly sport because protecting your life is invaluable as well. You need the appropriate equipment and nothing less. If you need to get yourself a good snorkel or diving equipment, read up our best list here!

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